Site refreshment

Recently, I’ve had my head in three walking projects (and in other work).

I have consolidated some work on the Coal Tax Circuit (anti-clockwise from the Thames, I have reached Potters Bar); I have crossed Germany on foot (OK, the easy bit — Schleswig-Holstein — 170km in a week); I have had three days on the Trekvogelpad in the Netherlands. The first two of these have needed extensive writing up.

I have now added the Nord-Ostsee-Wanderweg to the site: that involved creating the skeleton for all the areas of the site “furth of London”. I have been gradually building content and placeholders there, adding to other areas of the site as I go, and I invite you to take another look at the website. It looks quite different, I hope you will agree.

Of course, in doing all this, I have had more ideas for walks to put on the to-do list: amongst these are

  • more local paths in London to go along with the Hillingdon Trail and the Wandle Trail
  • more routes in outer London and beyond — more Coal Tax Circuit work, of course, but doing more of the Hertfordshire Way and completing the Thames Path (the bit upstream from Oxford)
  • returning to the rich network of Dutch routes
  • in Germany, the Jurasteig, Eselsweg and Westweg are calling

Of course, the chances are that many these will remain tantalisingly out of reach.

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