Princes Street and the Castle from Calton Hill

Edinburgh shares one thing with Budapest. The city centre is divided into two halves — a craggy old part on a hill, and a relatively flat newer part. Edinburgh’s New Town dates from the end of the eighteenth century. While the mighty Danube may separate Buda from Pest, the trough which keeps the Old Town and the New Town apart is a swamp which was drained to bring the railway through. Edinburgh Waverley station is the only one in the world to be named after a novel: Sir Walter Scott set Waverley in the time of the Jacobite uprising in 1745.

There are many online guides to Edinburgh, but the big two are

I think the Visit Scotland page is better balanced and more suited to a short trip, though the maps and brochures on the council’s site could be very useful.

After these official documents, what follows in the pages linked below is my personal take on the city and its surroundings.

There is also a page on logistics — transport to and within Edinburgh, hotels and food.

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