Glyndŵr’s Way — rail/trail links


Knighton, Machynlleth and Welshpool are the three key rail links for Glyndŵr’s Way (south, middle and north respectively), but bus links bring other stations into play, either for a walk along part of the route or for an emergency exit. Here is the full list, with jump-links to the trail connections for each station. Walkers should note the sparsity of connections, particularly along the northern half of the route.

Note that each station header below has a link to the station details, and that each bus route number has a link to its timetable.

There is no benefit in buying PlusBus rail tickets (unless for your home station), since the connections are all beyond PlusBus zones.

See also rail/trail links for Offa’s Dyke Path: one may make a triangular walk (266km) using Glyndŵr’s Way, re-linking Welshpool and Knighton on Offa’s Dyke Path.



Shrewsbury is a key railway junction, and is the main nationwide link station for Glyndŵr’s Way. The town has all facilities for provisioning, including buying kit that you find you have forgotten to pack. There is a bus link (X75, not Sundays) with Llanidloes, but Newtown and Caersws stations offer much closer connections (on the same bus route) with Llanidloes.

Shrewsbury bus station lies just south-west of the railway station.


Knighton is the southern terminus of Glyndŵr’s Way. The town lies at the mid-point of Offa’s Dyke Path, and is accustomed to catering for walkers. Knighton is almost 100km from Llanidloes, the next town on the route, and is 122km from Machynlleth.

The station is on the Heart of Wales line between Shrewsbury and Swansea.


Llangynllo is on the route, 10km from Knighton, 26km from Llanbadarn Fynydd, and 87km from Llanidloes. It is probably most useful to Glyndŵr’s Way walkers in starting or completing a day outing based at Knighton, or to reach accommodation in Knighton if travelling southbound, coming back out to finish the job the following day.

Llangynllo is on the Heart of Wales line between Shrewsbury and Swansea.


Newtown offers bus links with Llanbadarn Fynydd (T4, daily) and Llanidloes (X75, not Sundays). The bus station is 750m from the railway station, on the west side of the town centre.

Newtown is on the line between Shrewsbury and Aberystwyth.


Caersws offers bus links with Llanidloes (X75, not Sundays). The bus stop is at the Buck Inn, 400m north-east of the railway station.

Caersws is on the line between Shrewsbury and Aberystwyth.


Llandrindod offers bus links (at the station) with Llanidloes (X47, not Sundays).

Llandrindod is on the Heart of Wales line between Shrewsbury and Swansea.


Machynlleth is the westernmost point on Glyndŵr’s Way, and the station lies at the route’s hinge. There are bus links (T12, not Sundays) with Cemmaes Road and Llanbrynmair. The bus stop is 650m south of the station, just east of the Clock.

Note that there is a long gap in practicable public transport between Machynlleth and Welshpool, which is 98km distant from Machynlleth, 83km distant from Cemmaes Road, and 72km distant from Llanbrynmair. On the southern part of the route, Llanidloes is 46km distant and Knighton is 122km distant.

The links with Cemmaes Road and Llanbrynmair offer opportunities for one-day outings along the route.

Machynlleth is on the line between Shrewsbury and Aberystwyth.


Welshpool is the northern terminus of Glyndŵr’s Way. Walkers should be aware that the nearest public transport west of Welshpool is at Llanbrynmair (72km), Cemmaes Road (83km) and Machynlleth (98km).

Welshpool is on the line between Shrewsbury and Aberystwyth.

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