Polish Air Force Heritage Trail — Szlak pamięci Polskich Sił Powietrznych

19km, walked 26 January 2019

Polish Air Force Memorial, at the A40 junction with West End Road
Polish Air Force Memorial, at the A40 junction with West End Road

The London Borough of Hillingdon have issued a leaflet which highlights four key sites within the borough with connections to the Polish Air Force personnel who were stationed at RAF Northolt  between 1940 and 1945. These are

  • The Battle of Britain Bunker, in St Andrew’s Park, Uxbridge
  • The Polish Air Force Memorial (Polish War Memorial), in South Ruislip
  • Orchard Inn, Ruislip
  • Northwood Cemetery

I have devised and written up a walking route which links these sites, starting at Uxbridge station and ending at Northwood Hills station (with an alternative ending at Northwood station, which has a direct bus link with Uxbridge, thus closing the circle).

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