Northern England

Walney Island (England Coast Path)

Here, Northern England covers the area south of Scotland and north of a line linking Chester, Sheffield and the Humber. This area contains National Parks such as the Lake District and the North York Moors, and other Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

National Trails in this area include

Walkers should note that the Pennine Bridleway was conceived for equestrian use, but nowadays is much traversed by off-road cyclists. The latter are required to give way to horses and walkers, though this requirement is often merely honoured in the breach.

The England Coast Path, which is being pieced together over time, is partly established in this region, on both the Irish Sea coast and the North Sea coast.

Virtually every local authority has its own routes woven into the local fabric, some of which are being absorbed into the England Coast Path. Others (such as the Weardale Way) run coincident with National Trails for parts of their length.

Individuals’ routes abound throughout the region, including the Teesdale Way and the Cumbria Way, all the way down to very local routes which may only exist as a PDF download (or worse) from a website of greater or lesser obscurity. In fact, the websites and other information sources for all unofficial walk routes differ greatly in quality and updating practice.

Two ‘unofficial’ paths merit separate billing, primarily due to their national-level iconic status, but also because each is plagued by overuse. They are even coincident for a short stretch. They are

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