North Downs Way — rail/trail links


There are stations on or close to the North Downs Way between Farnham and Dover. Other stations contribute bus links. Here is the full list, with jump-links to the trail connections for each station.

Note that each station header below has a link to the station details, and that each bus route number has a link to its timetable.



The western terminus of the North Downs Way is outside Farnham station.


Guildford station lies 1.8km north of the route’s crossing of the River Wey. The 46 service (not Sundays) links the route with Guildford at Compton. The Wey South Path gives a direct pedestrian link (2km) along the riverside to the station. There are frequent bus links on services 42, 70, 71 and 72 (only 71 on Sundays) between Guildford and Portsmouth Road (use the Law College stop to the north of the route), and on services 24 (not Sundays), 32 (Sundays only), 53 (daily) and 63 (not Sundays) between Guildford and Shalford Road (the Pilgrims Way stop is on the route).

Guildford Friary bus station is on Commercial Road 500m east of the railway, via North Street.


Chilworth station is linked with the route on the east side of St Martha’s Hill by a 2km walk via the Downs Link and Dorking Road (east of the station).


Gomshall station is linked with the route at Hackhurst Downs by a 1.8km walk via Beggars Lane and Dorking Road (east of the station).

Boxhill and Westhumble

Boxhill and Westhumble station lies 400m west of the A24 underpass on the route.


Dorking station lies 1.6km south of the route at the A24 underpass (1.2km for the turn-off at Stepping Stones Lane): both points are served by the 465 bus (daily between Kingston and Dorking via Leatherhead, Oystercards accepted), though Stepping Stones lane is only served southbound towards Dorking. There is a footway all the way along the A24: use the east (Dorking-bound) side of the road.


Deepdene station (on the line between Guildford and Redhill) lies just south of Dorking station — details are as for Dorking.


Betchworth station lies just 300m south of the route down Pebble Hill Road.


Reigate station lies 2km south of the route at Reigate Hill: the 460 bus (daily) links these two points. There is an altitude difference of 115m between these two points, so the bus link is recommended, particularly on leaving the station. The bus service is not Oyster-valid, but serves Tattenham Corner station, which is Oyster-valid. Use the Gatton Bottom stop just to the north of the route.


Merstham station is just 250m east of the route at Quality Street. The railway station is Oyster-valid (though not for concessionary passes). The 405 bus service (daily) links Merstham with stations at Coulsdon and central Croydon.


Caterham station lies 2.5km north of the route at the Caterham viewpoint. There is no public transport link. It is downhill all the way to the station (and therefore uphill from the station, with a total ascent of just over 100m). An emergency exit (or an effortless ascent) may require a taxi.

Hayes (Bromley)

The 246 bus service (daily) links Hayes station (note, not Hayes and Harlington station, which is in a different London borough) with the route at Westerham Hill. The Pilgrims Way bus stop is just south of the route’s crossing of the main road.

Dunton Green

Dunton Green station lies a little over 1km to the south-east of the route at the Rose and Crown junction. There is a footpath route between the station and London Road (just to the north of the school).


The route passes Otford station.

Borough Green and Wrotham

Borough Green and Wrotham station lies about 2.3km south of the route at the south side of the M20 crossing. Buses (308, not Sundays) link the centre of Wrotham with the station, and in the opposite direction with Vigo village.


Meopham station lies 7.4km north of the route ay Vigo village. Buses (308, not Sundays) link the station with Vigo village.


Cuxton station (on the line between Strood and Maidstone Barracks) lies 1.6km east of the point where the route crosses Bush Road.


Rochester station lies about 3km north-east of the route at Borstal, on the east side of the M2 Medway crossing. The Medway Valley Walk provides a pedestrian link. The 155 bus (not Sundays) links the route with Rochester (and Chatham). A taxi would be an alternative link.

Rochester railway station is 600m north of the bus stop at Star Hill.

Maidstone East

Maidstone East station (the town’s principal railway station) lies 5km south of the route where it crosses the A229. This station will probably be used as an emergency exit/access by taxi, since there is no public transport. Maidstone Barracks station, on the line between Strood and Paddock Wood) is situated just across the river (with a footpath connection) from Maidstone East.


Bearsted station lies 2.4km south of the route at Thurnham.


Hollingbourne station lies 1.5km west of the route at Hollingbourne.


Harrietsham station lies about 1.2km south of the route at Hillside Farm: the link is by bridleway and footpath.


Lenham station lies about 1.8km south of the route at Faversham Road. There is a footpath option between a point on the route just to the east of the main road and the crossing of the main Ashford Road.


Charing station lies about 1.1km from the route’s crossing of the A252 at Charing Hill, via The Hill and High Street.

Ashford International

Ashford International station lies 6km to the south of the route at Boughton Lees. The 666 bus service (not Sundays) links Boughton Lees with Ashford.


Wye station lies on the main route, and is 2.5km east of the fork (for the alternative route via Canterbury) at Boughton Aluph.


Westenhanger station lies 5km south of the route at Stowting: the northern 3km of the link is on footpaths..

Folkestone Central

Folkestone Central station lies 3km south of the route where it crosses Canterbury Road. There is a good daily service (16, 73, and (not Sundays) 91, between the station and Alkham Valley Corner bus stop, just north of the route. The ascent from the station is 100m, so the bus is recommended. There is also a bus link with Etchinghill (17, sketchy service on Sundays).


Chilham station (on the alternative route via Canterbury) lies 1.1km east of the route at Chilham village.


Chartham station (on the alternative route via Canterbury) lies 1.2km south of the route at the point where it crosses Hatch Lane.

Canterbury West

The alternative route via Canterbury passes the end of the access road to Canterbury West station for local services and High-Speed links with London St Pancras. Canterbury East station lies 750m south-west of High Street at Mercery Lane.


Bekesbourne station lies 1.1km north of the roundabout on the route in Patrixbourne.

Shepherds Well

Shepherds Well station lies 700m west of the route at Mill Lane.

Dover Priory

Dover Priory station lies 700m west of the end of the route (and of the alternative route via Canterbury).

Link-points for buses

The table below gives the walking distances between the link-points, including any walk-in/out distances, on the main route via Folkestone.

Western locationDistanceEastern location
Compton3.9kmGuildford (Portsmouth Road)
Guildford (Portsmouth Road)0.7kmGuildford (Shalford Road)
Guildford (Shalford Road)5.4kmSt Martha’s Hill East
St Martha’s Hill East11.9kmHackhurst Downs
Hackhurst Downs11.3kmWesthumble (A24)
Westhumble (A24)5.6kmBetchworth
Betchworth7.6kmReigate Hill
Reigate Hill4.2kmMerstham
Merstham9.4kmCaterham viewpoint
Caterham viewpoint15.5kmWesterham Hill
Westerham Hill11.2kmDunton Green
Dunton Green3.3kmOtford
Vigo11.9kmCuxton (Bush Road)
Cuxton (Bush Road)5.8kmBorstal
Hollingbourne6.1kmHillside Farm
Hillside Farm6.2kmFaversham Road
Faversham Road9.4kmCharing Hill
Charing Hill8.5kmBoughton Lees
Boughton Lees3.8kmWye
Etchinghill7.5kmAlkham Valley Corner
Alkham Valley Corner12.4kmDover
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