A Ring around the Underground

For my next circuit of London, I decided to revisit a project started a few years ago, to put a ring around the Tube. Since my first musings on the subject, we have had Overground, TfL Rail (now out as far as Reading), DLR south of the river and trams, but the topology just does not work. So I return to link up the points which are true termini on the Tube. That means, for example, that Elephant and Castle does not count, since the Northern Line sails through en route for Morden.

The idea is not to cross any live Tube lines (above or below ground) with passenger service. Therefore we may, for example, cross the tracks east of Upminster between the station and the depot. By the way, this explains some of the topology problems with DLR and so on: to keep outside the route to Woolwich Arsenal, Upmister to Brixton becomes an outer anticlockwise loop via Hemel Hempstead, Epsom and Tulse Hill.

Three days’ walk in, I have covered the ground from Upminster to Brixton (using the Woolwich Foot Tunnel) and am just short of Morden. Another two days, and I shall be turning the corner at Terminal 5. So far, I have passed through country parks and municipal parks, explored old railway land and the huge (and fascinating) Becontree estate as it marks its centenary, I have crossed the only col in Greater London, and of course have walked beneath the Thames.

Lots more excitement to come.

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