The Ring around the Underground is now NLE-ready

After a year’s hiatus, I have finally walked the route of the Ring around the Underground from Merton Park to Wimbledon, adding an extra 20km to the route as it tumbles down to Battersea Power Station station (at the time of writing, still a building-site mess) and back up to Wimbledon. There is a fair amount of suburbia in these two new sections, but also Clapham and Wandsworth Commons, the River Wandle, Battersea Park, and some tiny oases of green among the railway-spaghetti that is Clapham Junction.

River Wandle, looking upstream from Trewint Street, Earlsfield

In addition, I have now progressed around the Tube’s “top-left corner”: the route is now written up and linked from the route’s homepage as far as Mill Hill East.

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