Walk to the localist local

A cold, but not too cold morning in Warwickshire, based at the New Inn community pub in Norton Lindsey — the walk is one of those described in leaflets produced by the pub. I accepted the offer of a pick-up at Warwick Parkway, thus avoiding a 6km walk-in on inter-village roads, some of whose drivers appear to be not exactly noted for their restraint. There was a 3km walk-in option from Claverdon station, but that required an extra train. I spent a warm and happy wait at the Parkway, enjoying coffee and pastries from the excellent (if a tad expensive) mornings-only café in the (modern and well-insulated) station — all other station buffet options along the line being resolutely closed.

Princes Risborough — changing trains on the outward journey (left)
Warwick Parkway — beginning the homeward journey (right)

The sky was pale grey with a sixpenny sun showing behind the haze, so it was a game of guess-the-horizon-feature. Not quite enough definition for decent phone-photos. Good paths with only one wet ploughed field and a couple of woodland damp-paths, and extensive views: several very interesting buildings en route. Not quite enough long wet grass as we entered Norton Lindsey at the end of the outing, so muddy boots had to be taken off, bagged, and put away in the rucksack before going into the pub. When I had removed one boot, it began to rain.

The New Inn is Warwickshire’s first community pub: a great range of beers (some from very local breweries) and a Christmas set menu with really good anything-but-turkey options: we had walked past the source of the lamb chops (veg from the pub allotment).

By the time I was returned to the railway, the rain had set in for the day — not torrential, but persistent. Three trains and a bus to get home, with all dark and damp outside the transport. It was good to have been out.

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