Spring in the Chilterns

Dry weather for a week, so the ground was easy. Even the earth on the ploughed (and being-ploughed, in one case) fields was dry and crumbly. A really late start (thanks to the bus timetables), easing out of Flamstead at 0945. Mostly gentle ups and downs, on a path which was clear and well waymarked (except for some vandalised signs in Hemel Hempstead near the end), with first-rate gate provision throughout. About 14km on the route, which was enough for a morning. Grand houses (Gaddesden Place being the grandest), old houses, days-old lambs and venerable sheep, the sunshine and very few other walkers. Three buses to get home, with less than ten minutes’ wait for each.

It was good to be back on the circumcardinal route again: Maidenhead is the next key point, which will be about three days’ walking away.

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