Epping Forest and the Lee Valley

Another morning out on the anticlockwise Loop from Buckhurst Hill: I fled to the train at Turkey Brook because I had not realised that it is already sunscreen season, and it had been a cloudless, windless morning.

Apart from some thuggish deterrence (landowners’ arrogant disdain for the public right of way, waymarks smashed and removed, etc.) and a new cemetery (from field path to garish new road) around Sewardstone, this was a good walk, with a fine vista across reservoirs in the Lee Valley. I saw several instances of waymarking being arranged for clockwise walkers, with a mark on the other side of the post for anticlockwise walkers, and the complementary lack of waymarking where the route is obvious clockwise. The Capital Ring is obviously not the only TfL route with such lapses.

The re-wiggling of Turkey Brook, Enfield Wash

The low-lying land of Enfield Wash has been transformed since I last visited: the canalised Turkey Brook has been liberated to wiggle its way towards the River Lea. The Loop route still follows the straight line, except for two zigzags to cross the new line of the stream.

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