The Capital C

That’s the London Summits Walk. About 320km, starting and finishing at Chancery Lane Tube station, and linking up all the borough summits in the capital. That’s Horsenden Hill, Havering-atte-Bower, and Westerham Heights for three, and although they might seem more exciting than Mare Street, Marks Gate, and Willesden Junction (the station isn’t a summit, but there are two just down the Harrow Road), it’s the way that the route sews up the built environment and the green environment into an ever-changing kaleidoscope of London life that makes the London Summits Walk so different from other London routes. It visits every borough, and does not shirk suburbia.

The Regent's Canal : west portal of Islington tunnel
The Regent’s Canal : west portal of Islington tunnel

Pop over to the route’s homepage to discover the walk … and why its other name is the Capital C.

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