London Summits Walk refreshed

I have reviewed and refreshed this, the first of my home-grown circuits of London. As well as the text editing to take in new features (such as the new infant forest at Enfield Chase) and necessary diversions (such as the use of Putney Bridge rather than the structurally unsound Hammersmith Bridge to cross the River Thames), I have recast the route into 23 sections, rather than the original 59. They will still not match everyone’s daily division, but each section now falls between 10km and 18km in length. Of course, the potential exit points within each section are still in the text.

The information leads off from the route home-page, with the same URL as before.

A word about the image. It is a cottage in Hanwell which has a tale of ecclesiastical hubris (leading to tragedy): the full story is in the notes for section 14.

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