2018 in review

As noted earlier, the highlight of the springtime (hah! setting out at -4°C with a 100kph wind whipping off the Baltic) was the crossing of Schleswig-Holstein from the Bülker Leuchtturm to Büsum on the Nord-Ostsee-Wanderweg.

A quiet corner of Pijnenburg, seen from Trekvogelpad

Three days on the Trekvogelpad to the east of Utrecht made for a very pleasant long weekend.

Sunbury church, glimpsed from across the River Thames at Sunbury Lock

The hot summer made for an enforced lay-off, but the Coal Tax Circuit route was still completed within the calendar year: Purfleet to Erith, and then a re-walking of the route between Purfleet and Chadwell Heath using a better route.

The Germans continue to impress with their marked routes and their guide-books:  the publisher Rother goes from strength to strength. Recently, I lit upon walks in the area west of the Rhine and east of Luxembourg: the Pfalz.

After an exhausting end to the year at work, I still have to determine plans for 2019, though it is likely that my local energies may be put towards the nine Get out of London! routes, all starting next to those nice lions in Trafalgar Square.

Trafalgar Square, start-point for the nine radial routes to “Get out of Town!

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