Reviewing the Coal Tax Circuit

I started thinking of the “HS2 effect” on the route, but realised that the only impact will be a possible wait for the temporary traffic lights to change on the road between Harefield and Denham. I took the opportunity to make minor modifications to the section breaks.

However, having worked on a huge spreadsheet of connections and calculations for the coastal walk around England and Wales from Gretna Green to Berwick-upon-Tweed, I decided to do the same for the Coal Tax Circuit: the link is on the home page for the route. In order to follow the convention set up for the coastal route, I had to renumber the sections of the Coal Tax Circuit to give a zero-length section for the Shepperton Ferry. There are now 44 sections, up from the previous 42.

At the same time, I have upgraded the spreadsheet for the London Summits Walk.

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