Canicular site improvement

Eastcote House

It has been far too hot to get out onto my routes, so I have spent a few days improving the site. I have upgraded the pages on the Ring around the Underground, the Coal Tax Circuit, the London Summits Walk, and the nine radial walks which fill the stable of Get out of London! These improvements have produced separate links for the directions and map for each stage of the walks, and have incorporated a brief description of each stage. Route directions have been updated to reflect changes in detail.

The maps link to the OS Maps Online site. The subscription to this site is a no-brainer for any walker in Scotland, England, Wales and the Isle of Man, since it gives full overlay of routes on the always-updated 1:50000 and 1:25000 scales. In turn, this means that one may walk with A4 sheets tailored to the day’s walk — I fold the sheet down to A7 size (a little bigger than a credit card) and it makes navigation much simpler than carrying and constantly unfolding a full-sized map (which may not have the latest changes).

In addition, I have split the Ring around the Underground into four sections in order to keep the pages to a reasonable size. The radial routes were already of manageable size; the other routes were already subdivided.

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