Post-canicular site improvement

The housekeeping stretched beyond the heatwave, beyond the storms which followed, and into the autumn. I upgraded all of the major routes to make sure that each subsection in the mapping of the routes came in under 2km, about half an hour at a leisurely pace (though the timing still reflects the Naismith standard of 5kph). Narrative texts were revised and anchored to the map numeration.

These upgrades meant a complete revision for the three London circuits (London Summits Walk, Coal Tax Circuit, and Ring around the Underground, as well as the nine radial walks of the Get out of London! set.

The “story so far” for the huge Circumcardinal Walk was revised to the same conventions, and the narrative has been prepared for the remaining sections (like minutes being prepared in advance of a meeting), The same process was applied to the Chiltern Railway Walk and the set of Railway Days Out of London.

The idea of pre-writing the routes is decidedly not to skip the actual walking, but to immerse myself in the route, making the write-up a task of editing and embellishment, but also, through the use of maps, satellite images and Streetview, giving me a much greater insight into what might turn up en route. These documents will not appear on the site until I have walked and checked the individual routes.

In all, I wrote or edited almost 1500 A4 pages of text, and updated all the relevant pages on this site — quite a marathon.

Now, where are these dusty old boots I used to wear?

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